Chasuble & Chalice:

gift of the De Ridder-Desnerck family

 for Fr. John's ordination.

  1. Holy mass in the Convent Chapel, : elevation of the Host

First Mass 1

2. Holy mass in the Convent Chapel, : elevation of the Chalice.


First Mass 2 


3. Companions of the Calcutta province at St-Mary's Theological College, Kurseong 1953  

 (last row, center: John De Ridder)


Kurseong PCA

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Bengali Language School 1950

In the St Lawrence's High School compound stood the original bungalow in which the fathers lived from the beginning of the community implantation.

page 16 St LHS old bldg c
The Bengali Language School for scholastics was started there in 1949. The young Jesuits were lodged in these quarters in a rather cramped fashion.

page 28 bengali language school 1950

St Lawrence HS 1950

are studying Bengali in the old house (demolished a few years later):

lower step: Pierre-Yves Gilson, Ruy Cordeiro, rector,  John De Ridder
2d step: Paul Dejemeppe, Chummar Vathalloor, Louis Hincq,
3d step: Linus Gomes, Horace Rozario, Louis-Jean Lestienne
4th step: John-Baptist D'Silva, Christian Mignon
center back: André Bruylants

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Terai School outing

Once a year during Puja Holidays, boys were treated to an outing in the valley: trekking, swimming, outdoor barbecue.

 torrent down in the valley

Terai School outing 2

 eating and relaxing after bathing


Terai School outing 3


 on the way back, almost home


Terai School outing 1

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St Joseph's College - North Point


Big boys - 1949  Prefect: Jean De Ridder (center, second row)  


St Josephs College 2 a


St Josephs College 1 a



Gym display
Burmese pupils
St Josephs College 2 e

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North Point - Darjeeling

1. School entrance   

North Point 1


North Point 6


2. School building   


North Point 2




St Josephs College 1 b

3. Steps down to playing ground        


North Point 3


4. Big Boys' shed & playground


North Point 4


North Point 5


Yangsum_farm_Sikkim_view1_s              Yangsum_farm_Sikkim_snow_sm
Darjeeling Town
     Tea Gardens - Darjeeling
darjeeling tea gardens

  Observatory Hill - Darjeeling

      Senechal Golf Course - Darjeeling

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Darjeeling 1949

Arrival in Darjeeling in January 1949 after 20-h train journey Howrah-Siliguri through East Pakistan (today's Bangladesh).

Status: Prefect of Big Boys's Compound and English Teacher in primary section.


1. Kinchinjunga 


Darjeeling Kinchinjunga 1949 1


2. View of Darjeeling town


Darjeeling Kinchinjunga 1949 2


3. Sunrise on the Kinchinjunga range


Darjeeling Kinchinjunga 1949 3


4. Darjeeling narrow gauge railway looping the loop


Darjeeling Kinchinjunga 1949 4












5. Darjeeling Street


Darjeeling Kinchinjunga 1949 5
      Nepalese people - Darjeeling

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KALI, protecting goddess of Kalikata or Kolkata













Kali or Durga is the deity worshipped in Calcutta. Every year, in November, the festivities of KALIPUJA end in great ceremony by the immersion of her statue in the Ganges (Hoogli) waters. The crowd given up to rejoicing gathers on the river banks and brings offerings of fruits and flowers. 

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*Nom du Boddhisattva correspondant au Bouddha historique SIDDHARTA ou SAKYAMUNI
Forme particulière du BODDHISATTVA PADMAPANI (qui tient une fleur de lotus à la main). Sa plus grande qualité est sa grande pitié de l'humanité.
Un BODDHISATVA est un être qui est à même d'atteindre l'état d'illuminé (bouddha), mais qui y renonce parce qu'il veut aider tous les êtres à se libérer du cercle vicieux des réincarnations (cakra).
L'AVALOKITESHVARA porte la coiffure, les bijoux et les habits d'un prince. On le reconnaît à la représentation du BOUDDHA AMITABHA dans son chignon (Bouddha assis, les mains en dhyana mudra);
Probablement sous l'influence de la représentation de SHIVA, qui a un troisième oeil au milieu du front, AVALOKITESHVARA l'a reçu également.

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Birds and wild life in Bengal












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