Burnpur New Township - St John's School


Since the residential area of Burnpur town had become too congested, an extension was being planned on the northern side of the Steel plant in the paddy fields. Included in the designed infrastructure was a large two-storied school building where both a Hindi and a Bengali section were to be developped. The demand for an English section being also taken in consideration, the unoccupied (for the time being) second floor was offered to the parish by the town administrator, to start an English primary section, pending ulterior relocation.

1. Burnpur Town adminstrator & John De Ridder with ladies on the committee at St John's school location.
page 40 Burnpur St Johns school  

2. pupils with their teacher and John De Ridder, headmaster.

 page 41 Burnpur SJS teacher a 

3. IISCO GEO's wife cuts the cake while visiting the school.

 page 41 Burnpur SJS cake

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