Durgapur ISCo Township: new St Xavier's High School

1 Broad avenues are being drawn for the Durgapur Iron & Steel Works township.
page 34 Durgapur Township a
page 34 Durgapur Township b
page 34 Durgapur Township c


page 34 Durgapur Township d
page 36 Durgapur Township b


page 33 DurgapurTownship 3 a


page 33 DurgapurTownship 3 b


page 33 DurgapurTownship 3 d

2. Opening day ceremony when the groundplot with a building in construction for the Durgapur St Xavier's HS was handed over to Albert Wautier (center),  the Calcutta provincial, by the Township administrator.
In the background: C. Van Exem, pp et John De Ridder
page 36 Durgapur Township c


page 36 Durgapur Township d

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