Asansol - St Maria Goretti Hindi Junior High School for Girls

North of the Asansol railway quarters, the village of Chelidanga harbours an important Hindi-speaking community of labourers, natives of Ranchi and Bettiah.

They have secured lucrative jobs in the several local industrial plants: the Railway Maintenance machine tools Sheds, the Burnpur IISCO Steel Plant and the Waggons Factory, and further north of Asansol, even the Chittaranjan Locomotive Factory. Two schools which would in time become full-fledged High Schools with Hindi as medium of instruction, were slowly developed through the years by Robert Drugman, to provide excellent teaching to the avid children of this community: for the girls, the St Maria Goretti HS, entrusted to the Daughters of St Ann, the diocesan congregation, and for the boys, the St Joseph's HS entrusted to layteachers with R. Drugman as headmaster. These schools have enjoyed a remarkable reputation of efficiency and achieved splendid academic results.


1. Sister of St Ann teaching an open air class. JDR in the background.


page 32 St Maria Goretti HS


2. Girls enjoy looking after the convent calf.


page 32 St Maria Goretti Calf

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