Ministries in Santal Parganas & Ouraon country

1. Ramp before the Sahebgunj bungalow to allow the sidecar inside.


page 14 Majlispur a


2. Camels herd coming from the North to be sold at the Coranic feast of Id-ul-fitr: one camel for every muslim village.


page 14 Majlispur chameaux b


3. Maltese fathers Salvino Calleja-Gera & Joseph Gauchi Sacco on their way for the pastoral visiting of villages.

page 14 Majlispur moto c

4. With the Sahebgunj church in the background. Fr. Calleja-Gera & Fr John De Ridder


page 14 Majlispur church d


5.  Sahebgunj Fathers' Bungalow  .


page 14 Majlispur bungalow e


6. Parish farm tractor (Sahebgunj).


page 14 Majlispur tractor f
7. Dhitpur
page 15 Ouraon a


page 15 Dhitpur b


8. Ouraon country: Herman Raaschaert

page 15 H Raaschaert c


page 15 Ouraon d
9. Dhitpur chapel and priest's room, built by Fr. Charles-Victor Poncelet
Kurseong SMC Dhitpur

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