Raghabpur, Jesuit parish in 24 Parganas District

1. 1955 Henri Koster pp. with curate John De Ridder . Visitors from Calcutta: Albert Huart, Jacques de Bonhome & Thomas Vetticad. 


page 11 a Raghabpur


in front of the parish bungalow:

rear: Tom Vetticad, Albert Huart, John De Ridder, visitors from Belgium M. & Mme Huart, Daughters of St Ann, pp. Henry Koster.

School children



page 11 e group


2. School boys fishing in a drying pond (pukkur).  


page 11 b pukur


3. Swing on the St Joseph's School compound (brought from Cal by JDR).   


page 11 c sontosh


4. JDR and Sunil Babu, the Bengali butler on the presbytery steps.

page 11 d babu

 5. Openfields in the countryside


page 20 Bengal fields f

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