Bengali Language School 1950

In the St Lawrence's High School compound stood the original bungalow in which the fathers lived from the beginning of the community implantation.

page 16 St LHS old bldg c
The Bengali Language School for scholastics was started there in 1949. The young Jesuits were lodged in these quarters in a rather cramped fashion.

page 28 bengali language school 1950

St Lawrence HS 1950

are studying Bengali in the old house (demolished a few years later):

lower step: Pierre-Yves Gilson, Ruy Cordeiro, rector,  John De Ridder
2d step: Paul Dejemeppe, Chummar Vathalloor, Louis Hincq,
3d step: Linus Gomes, Horace Rozario, Louis-Jean Lestienne
4th step: John-Baptist D'Silva, Christian Mignon
center back: André Bruylants

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