Barrackpur, Indian Army Military cantonment & Indian Air Force Station

North of Calcutta, the British had established a large military cantonment for their troops.

The city named Barrackpur got its name from the term barracks. A pretty little church has been added to the residential quarters for the benefit of Irish soldiers in the contingent. After Independence, the church building was handed over to the Calcutta archdiocese and a presbytery was built by André Dontaine. On the opposite bank of the Hoogly, the parish of Serampore had regular church services held across the river.


1. Inside the church John De Ridder pp and the mass servers team.


page 54 Barrackpore a



2. André Dontaine bids farewell to his beloved Barrackpur and is replaced by John De Ridder.


pâge 54 Serampore b


3. In Serampur, in the former church bulding, now a home for disabled patients, the local community gathers for the pastoral visit.

sitting: Home Matron, John De Ridder pp, Archbishop Albert De Souza, Denzil De Souza, lady volunteer.


page 54 Serampore c

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